Our first blog

Well here goes our first blog post...what do people want to know? Let's chat with how fall candles are going and the thought behind some of the scents and products we chose.

Fall candles are thankfully flying off of our shelves. We are making candles every single day and we are so lucky to say it. Our current best sellers are Apple & Maple Bourbon and Cinnamon Apple. Shawna hates making cinnamon apple so I handle those ones. It's funny being a candle maker and knowing that certain scents and certain processes (just like everything in life) come with preference. Shawna and I wheel and deal our preferences and it's one of the things that just works for us...

Our wholesale partners have kept us very busy and this is one of our favorite parts of our business. When community engagement, our own profit, and helping other businesses profit all come together, it's such a rewarding feeling. Our newest wholesaler, The Plant Place, has kept us especially busy. We highly suggest checking this place out. We plan to highlight at least one wholesaler in each blog post so stay tuned.

Today I am stocking up on our new CANdle collection. These candles will come in 12oz beer cans (9oz of wax). They are modern, sleek, and definitely an attention grabber. 

We're slowing down on craft shows for the year as we are 4 weeks away from the birth of our second child (due 11/11). We have 2 more shows in October, 2 in November, a full weekend in December, and an additional market in December too! Our maternity/paternity leave will be action packed, but work now and play later is our favorite motto. 

Send us a message and let us know of some ideas you want us to write about. We're open to writing about the process of making a candle, scent selection, scents themselves, wholesaling, marketing, website development, and more! What do you want to know about us?

Til' next time,


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